Careful planning and good communication

Each refurbishment project presents a unique set of challenges.  Often there are difficult access arrangements, requirements to work around occupied sections of the building, or features of importance that must be protected.  Our teams are experienced in assessing those factors and planning our works to achieve the optimum programme whilst minimising disruption.

We take care to develop good relationships with occupants and stakeholders as early as possible, recognising that regular communication and mutual understanding of each other’s needs will contribute positively to the successful delivery of the project.

Risk mitigation

Assessment and mitigation of risk is a high priority on any building project, but refurbishment schemes often present additional challenges due to the potential to encounter unidentified services, asbestos, or requiring work in close proximity to building occupants.  Our extensive experience of working in existing buildings and successfully overcoming such issues enables us to put measures in place early in the project to minimise the impact of those risks.

Planned maintenance

Our planned maintenance team have many years of experience in the successful delivery of planned maintenance programmes.  We tailor our service to the particular needs of our customer, and we take pride in delivering a consistent and reliable service.  We look to develop long term relationships with customers that enable us to add value through continuous improvement over the planned maintenance cycle.