Thomas Sinden were appointed under a design & build contract to undertake refurbishment works to both the former East Ham library building and the town hall extension building.

The East Ham town hall site was developed at the turn of the last century.  The original town hall building dates from circa 1901-1903 and the library from 1908. The extension to the town hall was erected in the first quarter of the 1900’s.  The site is Grade II listed.

The town hall campus remained occupied through the works. The works were therefore phased in 2 stages;

  • Phase-1: Early works and refurbishment of the Old Library building
  • Phase-2: Complete fitting out and refurbishment of the East Ham town hall extension building

Maintaining safe access for the town hall’s occupants and visiting public was paramount throughout.  With the works being undertaken in a busy public-access site environment, traffic and access management had to be strictly controlled, as well as noise and dust emissions throughout the contract.

Engagement with key stakeholders has been very important in the delivery of this project. We have undertaken a series of design workshops in the development of the design solutions.  Our appointed conservation architect supported the team and provided expertise in liaison with English Heritage to ensure development of our design to preserve the historic assets, values and aesthetics of the existing building.